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Dunk Your Doubts, Train Your Talent: Where Effort Becomes Excellence! Train Smart and Train Hard

Our philosophy states that no job is too small for us; our coaches and trainers believe in doing and giving their best to all athletes, whatever it takes to help them improve.

We coach FAIRLY and we encourage this at all time.

At B.E.D.I, we believe in the power of dedicated practice and individualized attention. There are no shortcuts in PLAYER DEVELOPMENT. Time on the court and in the gym is the only way to ensure players continue to perfect their craft. Professional basketball is fueled by passion, but players must understand the game requires spending significant time perfecting and defining the necessary skills. A good player development plan is essential in ensuring athletes become successful; players must not only learn how to work but how to translate their work into gameplay. We help players in developing great habits that will play a huge part in the success for them on and off the court.

Our goal is to assist athletes in elevating their confidence and comfort levels across various positions and court areas. Through targeted training, we empower players to thrive regardless of their role or playing style, enabling them to maximize their potential.

Whether you're a seasoned player looking to refine your skills or a newcomer eager to learn, our programs are designed to help you succeed on and off the court. Elevate your game with us today!

Our Story

From the first bounce to the final buzzer, our journey is fueled by a passion for basketball and a commitment to excellence. Coach Jad, a seasoned basketball mentor with 12 years of Coaching experience, has dedicated his life to the game. Starting as a player, he transitioned to coaching, driven by a desire to share his knowledge, inspire and motivate the next generation of athletes."It was always about doing what I truly love."-Coach Jad S. 

Coach Jad's coaching philosophy is simple: dedication, determination, and development. With a focus on player growth and team success, he has honed his skills on and off the court, cultivating a winning mentality and a supportive environment where players thrive. "My ultimate drive has always been to be the best Coach/
Trainer in the world, and to train and work with the best." - Coach Jad S.

Over the years, Coach Jad has coached/trained players at all levels, from beginners to professionals, leaving a lasting impact on each individual. His coaching style is characterized by boundless energy, unwavering motivation, and a deep commitment to nurturing player growth. Through personalized training programs and expert guidance, he empowers players to reach their full potential and achieve their basketball dreams.

Join us on this incredible journey of basketball excellence. Whether you're a seasoned player looking to elevate your game or a newcomer eager to learn, Coach Jad is here to help you succeed. Welcome to a world where passion meets performance, and greatness is within reach. Welcome to Basketball Elite Development Institute.


Coach Jad Saab BIO

Experienced Basketball Coach | Player Development

Coach Jad is an experienced basketball coach and a player development with 12- year history in coaching Basketball, with an excellent record of performance in improving team performance and developing players.

Started coaching a young age after transitioning from playing Professionally overseas, building a solid background and depth knowledge for the game of Basketball. Bringing a wealth of knowledge and passion for the game.

  • Over the years Has made his mark Coaching Professionally, consistently demonstrating his ability to improve team building, dynamics and team performance, and develop individual players.

  • As a certified 94feetofgame Trainer/Player Development, had the privilege of learning, working and collaborating with renowned Coach Phil Handy, assistant coach for the Los Angeles Lakers.

  • He imparts his expertise, education and knowledge to a diverse range of players; form Professionals competing worldwide to aspiring talents at the collegiate and youth levels all over the world.

His dedication to excellence is underscored by his commitment to maintaining high educational standards, having pursued basketball studies with esteemed institutions:

  1. Studied Basketball with FIBA

  2. Lithuania with International Basketball University and licensed by the

    Lithuanian Basketball Federation

  3. Serbia (University of Belgrade, Basketball Coaching Diploma)

  4. French Basketball Federation (Basketball Coaching Diploma)

  5. College Coach

  • Coach Jad influence extends beyond the court through his extensive conducting basketball camps worldwide for the past decade. His undying passion for the game is evident in his coaching approach, characterized by boundless energy, unwavering motivation, and a deep commitment to nurturing player growth. Known for his infectious positivity and spirited coaching style, he creates an environment where players thrive and excel.

  • With Coach Jad at B.E.D.I, teams and players alike can expect not only to enhance their skills but also to cultivate a lifelong love for the game. Whether on the court or off, his enthusiasm and expertise leave an indelible mark on all those he encounters, making him a top-notch coach and mentor in the basketball community.

See What People Are Saying About us!

Thanks to Coach Jad's hard work and unmatched basketball knowledge, dedication and belief in me, I am now playing professionally and pursuing my dream basketball career.
His mentorship has been a foundation for my journey, pushing me to be the best player I can be and instilling in me the confidence to succeed at the highest level. I am incredibly grateful for his guidance and work!

Edmond S. Professional Basketball Player

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