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Coach Jad is an experienced basketball coach and player development specialist with a 12-year history in coaching basketball. He has a solid background and in-depth knowledge of the game, starting coaching at a young age after transitioning from playing professionally overseas. Coach Jad has coached professionally at the highest level, demonstrating his ability to improve team building, dynamics, and performance, as well as develop individual players. He has pursued basketball studies with esteemed institutions, including FIBA, International Basketball University in Lithuania, University of Belgrade in Serbia, and the French Basketball Federation. Coach Jad is also a certified 94feetofgame Trainer/Player Development coach and has worked with renowned coach Phil Handy, assistant coach for the Los Angeles Lakers. He has conducted basketball camps worldwide for the past decade, impacting a diverse range of players from professionals to aspiring talents. Coach Jad's coaching approach is characterized by boundless energy, unwavering motivation, and a deep commitment to nurturing player growth. He is known for his infectious positivity and spirited coaching style, creating an environment where players thrive and excel. Coach Jad's passion for the game extends beyond the court, cultivating a lifelong love for basketball in all those he encounters.

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